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Michal Novomesky

Note: This photo should be old and was taken aprox. 10 years before.

This section contains knowledge base solutions, which helped me to solve some problems. This may help to other people who are solving similar problems right now.


Count number of words in a PDF file

It is easily possible using Microsoft Word. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, try to Copy&Paste into word.

  1. Open the document in Adobe Acrobat (full version only, not Acrobat Reader)
  2. From the menubar select FILE > SAVE AS
  3. In the SAVE AS TYPE drop-down list select RICH TEXT FORMAT (RFT)
  4. Click the SAVE button
  5. Close Adobe Acrobat
  6. Open the new RFT document in Microsoft Word
  7. From the ribbon select the REVIEW tab.
  8. In the PROOFING group click on the WORD COUNT icon (located at the right-down coner, it has numbers)

Solution additional info:


Adding XHTML valid "Facebook like" Iframe without timeouts

We will demonstrate the "Facebook like" iframe solution. Function setTimeout will stop loading facebook iframe, if it is loading too long. According to doctype, there are some unsupported parameters like allowTransparency and onload - so we need to put it into HTML throught javascript createElement.

<!-- Fcbk like frame -->
	<script type="text/javascript">
		var kill = window.setTimeout("destroyFcbkLoading()", 2500);
		function destroyFcbkLoading() {
 			kill = document.getElementById('fFrame').src = "blank.html";
	<div id="iFrameDiv"></div>
	<script type="text/javascript">
	function createFbIFrame() {
		var iframe = null;
		if (document.createElement) {
			var iframe = document.createElement("iframe"); = "fFrame";
			iframe.src = ";locale=en_US";
			iframe.setAttribute("frameborder", "0");
			iframe.setAttribute("scrolling", "0");
			iframe.setAttribute("allowTransparency", "true");
			iframe.load = function () {clearTimeout(kill); document.getElementById('fFrame').style.display = 'block';};
			if (iframe.addEventListener) // Gecko / W3C
				iframe.addEventListener ("load", iframe.load, false);
			else if (iframe.attachEvent) // IE
				iframe.attachEvent ("onload", iframe.load);
				iframe.onload = iframe.load;
		return iframe;
<!-- End Fcbk -->

Solution additional info:


Resample (resize, scale) more images with linux convert

ls *.png | xargs -I FILE convert -resize 80% FILE FILE

Find and recursive delete all xml files

find ./ -name "*.xml" -exec rm {} \;

Convert avi to flv video with mencoder on Linux

mencoder -forceidx -of lavf -oac mp3lame -lameopts abr:br=56 \
 -srate 22050 -ovc lavc \
 -lavcopts vcodec=flv:vbitrate=250:mbd=2:mv0:trell:v4mv:cbp:last_pred=3 \
 -vf scale=480:360 -o FILE.flv FILE.avi

For better quality please modify the parameter `vbitrate` and `scale`.

Solution from:


Linux batch convert bmp to png image with one command

ls *.bmp | sed 's/\.bmp$//g' | xargs -I FILE convert FILE.bmp FILE.png